Some observations and comments from sellers, buyers and browsers:

Let me thank you for your prompt response and honest offer. You seem really straightforward and clear about your business model, which I appreciate.

I was very happy to have found Scott & Lisa of Arlington Property Ventures, LLC., when looking for a buyer for my property. They were very professional and prompt in making a fair offer. I found that I had a high comfort level in going through the process and a very easy time through a prompt settlement.

Scott and Lisa, provided me with a solution that really made senseā€¦ Even though, they told me we could close within 7-10 days if needed, I was in a scenario where I wanted the commitment from a buyer, but a little extra time to move. Scott and Lisa were sensitive to my situation and worked with me to give me as much time as I needed. I would highly recommend Arlington Property Ventures to anyone that desires a fast, fair and turn-key solution to selling any piece of real estate.

(I) would highly recommend others to you for your expediency and professionalism.