Investing with Arlington Property Ventures, LLC

Since 2001 Arlington Property Ventures, LLC has been an active owner, investor and developer of both residential and commercial property. Our success to date has not been a solo venture, we owe many thanks to the individuals who have monetarily invested in our real estate projects through private mortgages secured against property.

We are always in search of more private investors who desire to put their money to work at a high rate of return. Our investors are intelligent, savvy individuals who understand the power real estate wields in aiding the growth of their wealth. Quite often, these individuals have owned investment real estate in the past or present. Many of our investors know the game, they understand the mechanics of real estate and can make quick, firm decisions as to whether an APV, LLC project is of interest or not.

However, not all of our investors have invested in real estate in the past – but they do believe real estate is their best vehicle to take their investments to where they want to go today.

Our private investors share a common denominator: they recognize a much higher return can be gained by investing in APV, LLC projects, versus putting their money into a CD or money market account. Currently, there are many Bank CD and Money Market accounts that are offering attractive interest rates… we still earn our investors a much higher rate of return.

If you’re ready to attain similar yields and see how fast you can securely grow your funds, please call or email us and we would be glad to have a confidential conversation about how we can be of benefit to one another.