Some observations and comments from sellers, buyers and browsers:

"Arlington Property Ventures does great work. They are probably my favorite contractor/builder. Their renovations always seem well thought out and the quality seems to surpass the competition." ~ Local Realtor

Scott, it is a huge relief to me to have accomplished the sale of that house. When I think that it was done within 3 months of my sister’s passing, I am amazed, as is my husband... I could not have done it without your offer and continued patience while my family worked through the emotional aspects of the whole process. Thank you again and I hope the renovation is accomplished with similar ease and duration for you. Thank you.

I want to thank you for doing such a great job with the ### xxxxx Street house. I'm just thrilled to see the old house come alive again. It is very nice of you to invite us to tour, but we may not be that way again for some time. The pictures are great.

Let me thank you for your prompt response and honest offer. You seem really straightforward and clear about your business model, which I appreciate.

Scott and Lisa, provided me with a solution that really made sense… Even though, they told me we could close within 7-10 days if needed, I was in a scenario where I wanted the commitment from a buyer, but a little extra time to move. Scott and Lisa were sensitive to my situation and worked with me to give me as much time as I needed. I would highly recommend Arlington Property Ventures to anyone that desires a fast, fair and turn-key solution to selling any piece of real estate.

(I) would highly recommend others to you for your expediency and professionalism.

I was very happy to have found Scott & Lisa of Arlington Property Ventures, LLC., when looking for a buyer for my property. They were very professional and prompt in making a fair offer. I found that I had a high comfort level in going through the process and a very easy time through a prompt settlement.

It was great to see you guys on Sunday. Congratulations on another spectacular house; we hope someone comes along who loves and appreciates it as much as we do ours! I can truly say that we love the house as much - if not more - than the day we moved in.

We very much like the work you all do. … We love the way you finish out a house, and it appears you choose homes with 'good bones.'

I am a walking advertisement for you guys...

Awesome design! It definitely has the "Scott and Lisa touch"…

It was lovely to meet you both… your (Lyon Village Project on 17th Street) has been a FAVORITE of mine… I have always admired how beautifully it was renovated! You are truly talented!

I visit your site often but never thought to register because I doubted that I would get a response. Your customer service is refreshing. I am a big fan of your houses - your finishing touches are wonderful.

…testimony to how well the house was built!

You have an excellent product, so (I) would feel happy to send friends to your company.

My son has shown me your web site and I love the houses you are doing; your choice of color and design is great. If I were looking for a house or to build a house I would definitely come to you. But I do not live in your area.